Lonesome Paws Cabin Rentals,
Ellijay, Georgia
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"FAQ "
Frequently Asked Questions

THE GATES:  The thing we have the most frustration with in managing rental properties is working with the gates of the resort. As
all of our cabins are within the confines of the Coosawattee River Resort, we have
NO CONTROL over the gates and we have
very strict guidelines we must follow to be able to get our guests into the gates. We're sorry, we cannot control this. The resort
charges us $39.00
per group per stay for the gate pass.
Here are the procedures for the gate as best as we understand them at this time:

1). ALL persons in your party
MUST be listed on the contract.  All children, all people that want to come into the resort to visit you,
if you plan to have a salesman call on you while you are here EVERYONE MUST be listed on the contract to go on the gate pass.
Anyone staying longer than one hour is subject to the extra guest fee.   If they come for a day, they use the facilities, flush the
toilets, nap on the beds, they will be charged the extra people rate.
If you are making changes to a Gate Pass, with the exception of adding additional nights, that we have already issued
(3 Days prior to arrival) there will be a $10.00 fee for us to REISSUE your gate pass and drive it to the gates.

The gates are a hassle, we admit it, but the flip side of the coin is that we have NO CRIME within the resort. . And since we live
in here, we appreciate that they aim to keep it that way.


How about trash?
This is Ellijay Georgia which is a small town, I have forgotten our population but suffice it to say that we are small. We have someone
pick up the trash- this consists of a man with a normal truck with plywood put on the sides to increase his capacity.  He comes on
Monday's and Thursday's and is very good about showing up.  We pay him and this comes out of your cleaning fee.   If he cannot
get to the trash cans, he will not pick up.  If there's any trash that is not bagged- he will not get it.  
When you don't bag your trash, we have to do it for you..... and it’s a nightmare- a weeks worth of scrap food, beer bottles, dirty
diapers and various other assorted unusable items, placed into two 30 gallon trash receptacles and allowed to bake for one week.

If you have more trash than will fit into the receptacle you will have to make a trip to the dump. If you run out of trash bags,
you will need to bring some with you or go buy more.  If there is more trash than what will fit into the cans, you will need to take
it to the dump, or take it with you.  The cleaning fee covers the numbers of cans that are at each cabin only (for example there are
4 super large cans at Bella Vista).  Here are the dump hours and locations:

Pool Pass

The Coosawattee River Resort has facilities within the resort that our guests can utilize.  The Rec Center is located off the
Eagle Mountain Gate within the resort and consists of an indoor pool (heated during winter!), basketball court, tennis court,
18 hole mini golf, video arcade center and work out center.  To use the facilities all guests must have a Guest pass that is shown above.  
Each guest pass costs $85.00 and consist of 7 punches.  Each punch is good for up to four people to go for the day.  You can go
in the morning and come back later in the afternoon without using any more punches.  The resort will only allow two punches per
day to be used- which means any party can only have 8 people use the facilities a day.  The passes are in the cabin owners name.  
We do sell punches for $15.00 per punch- the card MUST be left in the cabin after your stay or you will be charged for the entire card.  

Why should I book a cabin with Lonesome Paws?
It is not possible for the OWNER of a rental company to book or inspect all of their own cabins if they manage
50 of them.  Our goal is to stay small and to stay hands on.  Personal touch. Care to detail. At Lonesome Paws when you call or
email to book a reservation, you will be working with the OWNER of Lonesome Paws to book your vacation- you will not be
passed around to different booking agents who do not remember you or the details you have already carefully explained.
When you arrive at your cabin, the OWNER has personally inspected your cabin the day of your arrival to insure
that it meets our quality control- all items are present and in working order, and your cabin is cleaned to our highest standard-
no surprises upon arrival.  Booking with us is easy- when you rent a cabin with us, we have streamlined the process as much as
possible.  Since we deal mostly with larger groups, we allow you to book your cabin and hold it for 1/2 the base rental amount
and contract only. You will submit your final guest list and payment to us one week before arrival- who knows
how many people in your group will change their minds within a 30 day time frame??  We try to make it as easy as possible
for the person in charge of the booking process to save time and custom order their vacation package. Track records speak
a lot about a business- check us out on the Better Business Bureau

A note about other review sites- I don't keep up with them much as I don't take too much stock in them.  Everyone is now a food critique.  
We pride ourselves in terrific customer service and will bend over backwards for our guests to insure they have a great stay.  We have had
folks that come in and find something to complain about in order to ask fort a full refund.  When we refuse this- we end up on one of the
public review sites.  You are welcome to look them up and ask me about them- I address them on the sites as I come across them.  After
thousands of rentals, there are maybe 4 or 5 of these out there.

I don’t have a lot of driving experience and I’m concerned about the roads there, what are they like?
The mountain roads here are steep and winding, that’s what makes them breath-taking. They are maintained well but not
always clearly marked. I drive a Mini Cooper and can access all of our cabins with no problems.   There are 300 miles of interior
roads within the resort. Slow down when these roads are slippery, they are not very forgiving when you loose respect for them.
When driving up a gravel hill- get a running start and do not stop!
WATCH OUT FOR THE DEER, the resort is heavily populated with them!

What is in the cabin?
All cabins have central heat and air, cable television or better and wireless Internet. Most cabins do not have
land line phones, Verizon and AT&T work well in most places. Do not turn the air conditioner below 70 degrees as it will
freeze the unit and we will bill you for it.

What's with the $26.00 gate fee?
The resort voted a few years back and decided it would be a great way to raise money if they charge the rental companies
$26.00 a group to use the resort. We have no control over this. In the past two years we have seen an increase in the rules pertaining
to this. We now must provide the resort with a list of people that will be in the resort, as well as the cabin name and dates of arrival and
departure. Yes it is a hassle to keep up with. But there's nothing we can do about it. So we just grin and bear it. You will have to also :)

How come the yard wasn't mowed???
The cabins are in settings as close to nature as you can get. You will find a LOT of trees, creeks on some of them,
wild flowers and what some might call "weeds". Landscaping here consists of rock and railroad ties to hold the mountains up and
off the houses, and pretty much whatever God lets grow.  We just don't do manicured lawns here in any other form than what God lets
grow. You will find asphalt or hard gravel to your cabin, clean area around your cabin and then pretty much what’s there is what’s there.

What about bugs??????????????
If you are bothered by bugs, the North Georgia Mountains are probably not the place for you. ALL of our houses are
exterminated inside monthly so you should not have any problems with the insides of the cabins, but outside is a different story.
We get flies, we get wasps, we get bees, we get ants (although I've not seen those HUGE red ant piles that seem common to Florida)
we get mosquitoes (again not as bad as Florida). There are chiggers in the woods (Link Below) and gnats sometimes. We also have
lots of crickets and they make lots of noise... This is not the city, it is as close to nature as you can get. If bugs bother you, and you
still want to come we suggest you load up on some bug spray before you get here, OFF puts out a nice one that feels like baby
powder when its on.

I called your number to have breakfast delivered and no one showed up....
and where are the extra towels I called for??
We are not a hotel. This is pretty much a "do it yourself" vacation. Towels and linens are provided in the cabin as well
as a washer and dryer. You will need to bring laundry detergent. You will find cooking utensils....some of the cabins
have every cooking utensil you can think of.... some of them do not. But you should be able to fry an egg, make a
sandwich, grill something out and eat it without any problems. We had 191 separate guests in our cabins over 4th of July
and if I had to deliver food to all them, I'd still be cooking....Besides, I can't cook and I doubt you'd want to eat anything
I'd bring over anyway.

Oh my GOSH, I got here and there is a SCRATCH on the floor and I looked at all
the towels in the cabin and there appears to be.....GASP....a small stain on one
of them!!!! WHAT do I DO???
You will rent someone’s home with all the charm and quirks it has to offer. The houses are lived in- after all that is
what we do- rent them out. We go to great lengths to keep them clean but sometimes there are nicks and scratches
we can't remove. Some of the interiors have a lot of rustic and natural building materials; they are, after all, cabins.
You might find a chip in a bowl, the screw on the toilet may be a little loose. Our housekeeping staff is next to none
and we'd put them up against anyone. All in all, we are in the cabins and maintain them as much as humanly possible- but
we are not a 5 star resort nor do we aim to be. If you are looking for complete and total perfection and would be extremely
upset if you found a cob web on a porch we can recommend some 5 star resorts in the area- and the prices that go
with them. You will not be billed for the scratch on the floor- unless your child carves a hole underneath the
dining table (yes it happened)

Well, I'm at my keyboard and yes, I admit it, I've had a little to drink....
it's 2 AM and I REALLY want to book a cabin with you.....WHY won't you
answer your phone??
The phone is unplugged and we are asleep. Leave us a voice mail and we will call you back in the morning...and we
won't even get upset that you don't remember calling us in the first place.  We also offer on line booking!

It's Friday at 9 PM and I am trying to book a last minute get away,
I mean like right now I want to get in my car and come up.
We're sorry- this won't work here. The resort is gated. They require gate passes for ALL folks
coming into the resort. The folks that take the gate passes close at 5 PM prompt...... This type rental does not lend
itself well to last minute stuff. A contract has to be processed, a gate pass has to be issued, a cleaner has to go over and
make sure the hot tub  is done and the cabin is ready for you- all in all it is not like a hotel where you can pull
up at the door and get a room, and then if you don’t like your room, you can go and ask for another one.
Your cabin rental experience will go much smoother if there is a little planning involved- we suggest a minimum
of 48 hours before your arrival.

WHAT is with the problem with the gates???
Usually nothing unless someone decides they don't want to wait for the arm to move and rams it with their car.....
you will come into the resort via a gate. There is no way around it. There are four gates into the resort. These folks work
for minimum wage and do an AWESOME job. Their job is to NOT let anyone in that’s not supposed to be in here.
EVERYONE  that is staying at the cabin MUST be listed on the gate pass (you put this information on your contract).
If someone is VISITING you for the day they MUST be on the gate pass (AND pay the extra people fee). You are subject
to ID at the gate. We do not own the resort; frankly we're pretty happy about that- we work enough hours just running
Lonesome Paws- so we have to follow their rules. AND there is no crime here so we aim to help keep it that way.

We’ve been driving around in here for hours and we are really, really lost. We know
you sent us directions to our cabin but we read over it and decided we didn't need to
make a copy of it and bring it. We've called your number 92 times and no one will
answer. We're lost, we're frustrated and we're getting kinda scared.
If you are not familiar with the resort or the cabin you will be staying at we HIGHLY SUGGEST you print off
everything we send you via email just before you come in ( we send these out a week in advance). EVERYTHING
we send you is for a purpose or we wouldn't bother sending it. You will get DIRECTIONS to your cabin that are
PRECISE, an FAQ so you can look at any last minute things you may have forgotten to pack or forgotten to think about,
and a copy of your gate pass. If you are lost and it is 2 AM, go back to the gate you came in and start your directions
again.  We suggest you email arrival docs to ALL people in your party and make sure everyone has each others phone
numbers.  The gates will help you but- You MUST know where you are going (on your gate pass that we asked you to
print off and bring with you, remember?) they will not have a clue what cabin your reservation is for and it will take you
about  three weeks to go through the resort cabin by cabin to find out which one you were supposed to be in. Also it is
dark in here at night- we don't have street lights- awesome!!

When I got my gate pass I programmed my handy dandy GPS on my car to the address
on the pass. Well we're here but we're in a cemetery and we really don't think our
cabin is located in a cemetery.
Heh heh heh...this happens quite frequently actually. Sorry, we think it's a little funny. Some of us in Ellijay have gone to
great lengths to stay the way life used to be without all the gizmos and trappings. Truth is that a LOT of Ellijay
does not even show up on a map yet (we still draw these by hand as we can't find them on MapQuest) you REALLY
need to use the DIRECTIONS we send you. You can program your GPS to Legion Road or Highway 515 but we
cannot guarantee that will work either.

How do I contact you??
Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 until 5. I am almost always in the office from 9ish until noon
and then I go out in the field.  I then come back to the office to return any calls and email's that have come in.  During
the weekends we are very busy taking care of our clients that are in the resort. About 10 PM, we go to bed- believe me,
I need my beauty sleep. We've tried to have "open" hours and not set a limitation on times people call- we know
people are looking for cabins at night and on the weekends- but people have and will call us at 3 AM. It just didn't
work. If you get our voice mail, AND leave a message- we will call you back as soon as we can during normal
business hours.

Why can't we just leave the directions at home and call you when we get there?
Well, this is a good one. We have two children that attend school here and have a host of other needs, like dinner
and baths and band....lots and lots of band. Plus, as we mentioned this is a 10,000 acre resort. After getting a ton of
calls from folks at the gates at 1 in the morning saying they "just decided to call when they got here" I drove all the
directions to the cabins and they are precise. If you have your directions, you will get to your cabin. We figure if we
have to get up in the middle of the night, get dressed, yank the kids out of bed, we oughta get paid for it. Since we
have instituted the fee for escorting folks to the gate, we haven't had one call. If you get really lost, you can call our
HELP line in your directions and we will  try and talk you to your cabin.  Also, there is 24 hour security in the resort,
they drive around in white trucks. Go back to the gate you came in and push the button and ask for security. One of
the guards will come and get you. You pay a $26.00 fee for use of the gates and amenities.

What's the cleaning fee?
CLEANING FEES ARE BASED ON THE SIZE OF THE CABIN. PERIOD. Another good one. You will be renting
someone's house. Not a hotel room with a bed and a television but a house. Some of our houses are really big
(3500 square feet) some are smaller (1200 square feet). When you stay in them we find the entire house gets used,
not just the bed. So the entire house has to be cleaned. The hot tubs have to be done; the decks have to be pressure
washed. Some of the houses have a ton of glass in them which people put their hands on. Sure, we want you to have a
good time, we want you to marinade your steak on the top shelf of the fridge and then let it run all down the entire
unit and pool in the bottom. We want you to cook your eggs on the flat stove top, not wipe it up and then let it burn
on there for a week- but someone has to clean that up.
Our clean fees are based on the size of the cabin. Period. We find this to be the simplest way to get the cabins back
to a rentable state. 16 people make a lot more mess than 2, believe us, we know. 16 people use a lot more linens and
towels. There is more trash. It's based on the number of people.
The cleaning on the cabin is done AFTER you leave the cabin, we do not offer maid service. ALL of the cabins
provide washer and dryers and if you want to wash the linens or towels while you are there, you are welcome to do so.
(you will need to bring laundry detergent) We provide a full set of towels and linens based on the number of people
listed in the contract and you will find the cabin clean when you get there. We don't clean while you are in, drop
off towels or pick up the trash. The cleaning fee you pay is for after you leave to get the cabin back to the way it
was and ready for the next renters.

Pollen and Leaves and Cob Webs. Oh My! I just went out on the deck and what
a mess! Doesn't’t the cleaning fee cover it too?
Yes. But bear in mind that springtime here can turn a 600 square foot brown deck into a GREEN one in less than 4 hours.
The autumn in Ellijay is breath-taking but it comes at a price. Falling leaves can cover a clean deck in a matter
of minutes. I’m sure our spiders are no more talented than those you’ll find at home. We kill them and clean up
the cob webs when we see them but a spider can build a very large, complex web in less than an hour!
We do not expect you to clean up the Pollen, Leaves and Cob Webs as part of the check out procedure.
By the same token, you can’t expect us to do it less than 4 hours prior to you arrival! It’s a jungle out there
and we’re doing our best to fight it back!!!

Can I clean the cabin myself??
No.  The clean fee is based on the size of the cabin and the time we estimate for us to take to return it to your pre
arrival state.  There are Georgia lodging sanitary procedures that must be followed.  The clean fee pays for the pre
arrival inspection, cleaning the cabin including all linens, servicing a hot tub if there is one, inspecting the cabin after
your departure and trash removal.  If the check out list is not followed and it takes us a lot more time to clean, you may
find an additional clean charge taken out of your deposit.  

Can I smoke in your cabins?
NO! ALL our cabins are NON-SMOKING. Non-smokers see this as an amenity; the owners of our cabins see this as a
reduction in damage. You may smoke on the decks provided ash trays are used. Please do not flip your butts into the yard.

Why do you have so many rules?
We have been doing this for 15 years. We could write a book about it that would be
both humorous and heartbreaking. We are responsible for other people's homes, we have millions of dollars worth
of homes in our inventory. We take this very seriously. These are not hotel rooms; they are actual honest to goodness
real live people’s homes that you are staying in. We do not want your child to get a knife and cut up the wood floor,
you to pour wine in the hot tub, flush dolls down the toilets, remove the doors from the bedrooms, take down the
curtains, punch holes in the wall or throw canned food items on the wood floor, all of which have happened plus a
ton of other things that don't come to mind at the time. We allow for "normal wear and tear" on the cabins, which means
we expect you to walk on the floors, flush the toilets, run the dishwashers, sleep in the beds, but anything that is done
that causes permanent damage will result in a charge to your credit card. We have to have a lock tight contract to enforce
this to be sure folks pay for what they do. We don't feel we should pay for major damage people do, nor do we feel
our owners should suffer the loss of cabins they love and care a great deal about. Its pretty much as simple as that.
I started out with a contract that literally said "Leave the cabin the way you found it and have a great time" and it
has grown into the one you get now. Simple, over the years things have happened, we've been held accountable for
someone else's negligence and so it goes into the contract so we are not liable for someone else's negligence. We
know you are on vacation, we want you to have a good time, but really a lot of people are not mindful of causing
damage. And a lot of people won't watch their children.

What's with all the waving in the resort and in town?
We are a very friendly group of folks up here. Everyone knows everyone and lots of folks are even
related to each other. We take care of our own and we take care of folks that come up here to enjoy the beauty and
lifestyle of the mountains. We pride ourselves on not being too busy to stop and chat or to wave as we drive by. We try
hard to keep our town and rivers clean. We stop and smell the roses even though most of us work 7 days a week. So
when you come slow down a bit and smell the flowers, enjoy the rain, listen to the birds, wave to the folks you drive by.
Happiness and good will are contagious. Besides you'd smile and wave a lot too if you were lucky enough to live
here year round.

How come when I call I only get voice mail?
With a small company, we do not have someone dedicated to only answering phone lines and our cell reception in the mountains
is spotty at best. We actually miss those days when folks didn't have a cell phone glued to their ears all the time. But if you call
us it will go to voice mail and we'll call you back as soon as we can if we are out of the office. You'll be calling our office number
(706-276-1408) which is a land line but there are times I have to go to the dentist or something and am out, but I will return your
call if you leave a message. We'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

What if I want to come up and you know, really have a vacation and drink the
whole time I'm there?
Have at it if you can drink responsibly.  Inside the resort quiet time is from 10 PM until 8 AM.  If a neighbor notices
you throwing someone off the top deck of one of the houses, they might be inclined to call security so be prepared.  
The general rule in here is to treat your neighbors as you want to be treated.  Lots of folks in here don't want to listen
to loud music in the middle of the night no matter how great your taste in music is.  Up until a few years ago Ellijay
was a dry county, we now have a few liquor stores and bars, we actually like these and like the folks that run them.  
But a word of caution, Gilmer County has the highest percentage of DUI arrests in the state and they will take you to
jail,  no questions asked.  Please do not call Lonesome Paws if you find yourself in this predicament
(yes it has happened) we don't know any bail bondsmen.  No drinking by anyone under 21 in any of our cabins
and no drugs period.  And while we're on it, don't shoot your gun off inside the resort (yes that has happened also).

Man the place is huge, how do I get around?
This is a large resort but it is pretty easy to get around in. Within the resort you will find green markers that will direct
you to various amenities. We will include a map in your reservation email package and keep them in our cabins but
they get taken so we suggest you print it out and bring it with you. You can also stop by the POA (property owners association)
and pick one of their maps for $10.00. At the POA office there is also an area that has brochures for local attractions and directions
to the amenities. The POA office is located right past the Beaver Lake gate on the right. Their phone number is 706-276-1060.

What about groceries and such?
We have tons of grocery stores here.  The main road through east Ellijay, the one you will arrive on is 515 or the four lane.
There are at least 6 grocery stores on this road as well as a 24 hour Super Wal-Mart.  We also have about every fast food place you
could want as well as some finer dining places.  Check our links of things to do up here page for suggestions- always a work in
progress.  You will find brochures to restaurants in your cabin.

Why do you charge for day guests? I mean why can't I rent a cabin for the two of us and
invite my 40 closest friends to come up for free for the day?
Day guests use the electricity and flush the toilets.  They use the guest passes and go to the pool.  We must put them
on the gates for entrance. They take naps in the beds and use the hot tubs.  In essence, there is no difference for us
or the cabin owners if your guest spend the night or not and we charge for their day stay.  If someone is coming for dinner for a
few hours, you can let us know BEFORE ARRIVAL so we can put them on the gate pass- we have a two hour time limit on this
with no charge.  If they stay longer than two hours, they will be charged for a day stay.

When I got home there was another charge to my credit card, what's up with that?
It clearly states on the contract what is to be expected upon your departure from our cabins.  If you do not do this,
you will be billed for it.  We also catch extra guests being brought in on occasion and we bill for that.   If you do not
clean, you will be billed for it as per our contract. Other things we bill for are extra people or dogs you have not
declared,  lost keys, trash that you have not bagged (and we have had to take it to the dump) and damage to the cabin
or lost or  broken items.

I came up to the mountains to sit around and watch television all day and cannot get my
favorite program to come on, can I move to a different cabin that has my show on?  Or can I
just go over and use another cabin for an hour or so?
All of our cabins have Cable, Directv or Dish network, it is up to the owners of the cabins which package they put in their
own cabins, we do not require them to have every cable channel including HBO or anything. You can expect to get the network
Atlanta channels- ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.  If your favorite channel is HBO you most likely will not get it at the cabin.  With
12 cabins, we do not remember which cabins have which channels, sorry we just don't. No you cannot use another cabin while
you are here unless you will pay for the night and the cleaning fee on it.

When I booked I was going to bring my dogs but then I decided at the last minute to leave
them at home, when can I expect a refund for my dog fee since I did not bring them?
We are one of the few dog friendly rentals in the area.  We charge a very nominal fee for your dog to stay which pretty
much gets rolled into extra cleaning because of dog hair. Once your contract is processed you are pretty much set
with  what you have indicated to us. We pay a fee to run Visa’s;  we pay a fee to refund Visa's.  We ask for your final
people and dog count one week in advance of your arrival.  If you decide not to bring your dog, we're really sorry your
dog won't get to enjoy the mountains but we can't go back and refund.

ATTENTION LARGE GROUPS: We know that it is hard to commit all your people in advance- trying to get everyone
on the same page is difficult.  We allow you to send in your contract for processing with the people you KNOW will
be there and add a "final people count" ONE WEEK prior to your arrival.  

Why do you charge a cancellation fee?
When we run your credit card for your reservation we are charged fees by the company that handles our account.  
Then we have a ton of time into making your reservation, we have you on our computer system, we have eaten ink
up on our fax machine when you have faxed your contract over and we have talked to you on the phone a few times.
We need to be paid for our time invested and so we charge the cancellation fee.  If you cancel at the last minute,
we most likely have turned down many rentals for your time slot and our chances of booking your cabin at the
last minute are nil.

We are prepared to make you an offer on a stay at one of the cabins, it's well below
what you have advertised but it looks like its sitting empty this week so you'd rather
have our rental than no rental right?
The cabin rates are set by us and the owners according to current market conditions.  If an owner is aware of the rates
we charge and we "bargain" it they aren't happy. We offer specials on some of the cabins during certain times of the
year, check those on our main page- but we can't take "offers" on the cabins.
Some of the "offers" we get turn out that we would pay for folks to stay at the cabins, we just cannot afford that....

Why do you have a minimum of one week rental during certain times of the year?
I mean, we really only want to stay Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
Economics, during certain times of the year we are really busy up here.  The holidays are packed; this is a great place for
Thanksgiving.  If we book three days of Thanksgiving, that means there are four days sitting when someone else would
have taken the week.  We would much rather have the week rental, it means more dollars for our owners and it is also much
easier for us to watch the cabins when we have one rental in during the week instead of two.

Why can't we check in on Christmas Eve?
We are a family run business.  We want to enjoy the holidays as well.  If you check in on Christmas Eve and get lost in
the resort or need to call to have us do something for you it is time away from our families....Santa Claus does not like
this much.  On a serious note, the Holidays are family time; you are most likely enjoying your family if you are here for vacation.  
We have most of our cabins filled with extended families enjoying their traditions of the season.  We want
the same for our families and our offices are closed during certain days so we can remember what is most important to
us, God and family.  If you think you may have any issues with your cabin, we truly appreciate you having it
addressed before Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

What’s about the hot tubs?
MOST  of our cabins have hot tubs which we ourselves maintain.  When you arrive you may find that the water
is a little cloudy and not quite at the right temperature- this indicates that we have emptied the hot tub before your
arrival  and have added in the chemicals.  If the hot tub is not safe to use when you arrive (30 minutes after the chemicals
are added in they are safe to use) we will leave you a note but this very rarely happens.  If you see foam in the tub or the
water is cloudy, this is NORMAL when the tub is first done- the foam will dissipate and the water will clear as the
tubs cycle.  When we do the hot tubs we set them on a cleaning cycle that will maintain the hot tub while you are
there, we ask you to please NOT push ANY buttons on the tub to program it differently, the ONLY buttons you
should push is the one that says JETS to turn the jets on and off.  Please do NOT turn the hot tub off at the electrical
outlet as this will make most of the tubs start the main start up clean cycle.  WARNING! Do not push more than one
button at a time, this could set the into sleep mode.
In essence, we do the tubs, they are clean and if they're not hot enough when you get in they will be and please do
NOT reset the settings on them.  One of our staff will come by during the week to test them, you may not see us,
but we come by to make sure they are okay.  Resetting the hot tub if you or your children have messed up the cycle is not
considered to be an emergency.

Some of the questions we get are as unique as the people that ask them and we couldn't’t possibly list them all. If our website
does not answer your question please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We maintain this website ourselves and
update it on a daily basis. Please let us know if we have overlooked something important!
To be continued....
September 2017
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